Twitter time-trip, MP3 edition

I was amazed to see how many tweets I’ve posted – over 3,000 – despite feeling like I never use Twitter. This sent me on a scrolling journey through time, where I found this gem:

Yes, I had a Zune. I LOVED it. I thought it was so much better than an iPod at the time. It had a modern-feeling interface, sexy hardware, a great desktop app, and an FM radio that I never used. The social features were a nice idea but also useless.

Hey, remember when we all had to carry around 10,000 songs on a magnetic hard drive if we wanted to survive? STONE AGE.

We lost internet in the apartment for a few hours this week and I couldn’t listen to anything – I get all my music through Spotify these days. After a moment of panic, I realized it’s ok to enjoy the silence for a while.

And… if I got desperate, there’s vinyl. Or my trusty FM Radio.


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